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The Scoop

Local, Wild & Beyond Organic Ingredients

I support our local Bellingham, Skagit, and Whatcom farms first. I carefully select organic and fair-trade products that support their local economies by paying fair wages to employees. I choose farmers who use organic and regenerative growing practices. I connect with wildcrafters for seasonal edible and medicinal plants.​

I strive to eliminate one use plastic from our waste stream and compost all of our food scraps. I am diligent in my practice of ethical stewardship of our land and the products that I source. I am excited about supporting folks who want to reconnect with their local food sources, have mindful health goals and radical ethics!

Is Hawthorn Kitchen Meal Prep for YOU?!

Benefits of this Service

Food is one of the major foundations of healing, through your edible exploration with Hawthorn Kitchen you will find which food supports your sustained energy to continue on your healing path.

Save yourself hours of time and stress by letting Hawthorn Kitchen do the research, meal planning, grocery shopping and meal prepping for you! 

Feel empowered knowing that you are supporting local farmers with fair wages, consuming animals raised with integrity and natural diets, consuming organic produce grown here in Washington and sourcing only fair trade commodities. 11% of profits will go directly to black, indigenous, people of color led organizations and other community programs focused on food justice and sovereignty.

Do you feel a YES?!

Do you enjoy cooking but don’t have enough time, inspiration and/or motivation?

Do you want to eat locally and sustainably?

Do you LOVE eating foods that help support your energy levels, mental health and body function?

Do you want to continue your explorative journey with foods and how they make you feel?

Are you ready to prioritize your health and self care?

Do you want to feel like a positive contributor to the global issues our planet is struggling with?

If you said YES to all or most of the above, I think you are ready for this journey!


What People Are Saying

“I have made such progress in my own healing journey with food…”

When I found Lynx Hawthorn’s kitchen, I found that they were more of a food healer than a food maker.  In each container I found the evidence of total presence and love with each cut and assembly.  With clear instruction on what to do I could feel the way food was meant to feel – GOOD.  Since then I have made such progress in my own healing journey with food to the point that I am frequently creating beautiful and nourishing meals that my own child even celebrates (most of the time)..”

Renna, Cardinal Movement Therapy

“Lynx is a wonderful chef with a passion for food and feeding people!”

“The food is always fun, creative, healthy and delicous! Lynx is a wonderful chef with such a passion for food and nourishment. Lynx has a big heart and a vast knowledge of how to make food that is not only physically satisfying but also keeps a low carbon footprint. Hawthorn Kitchen works with local companies, forages when possible, and makes sure to use only the finest ingredients to ensure clients recieve the best meals. Highly recommended!”

Bee, Head Chef at Opal 28

“It was a delight having Lynx cook for us!”

“It was a delight having Lynx cook for us! They create amazing, delicate, colorful and nutritious meals and put so much love into each dish. Love the creativity, attitude and joy in creating such a wonderful experience.”

Ben, Breitenbush Hotsprings




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