Therapeutic Meal Plans to Support Healing for Folks w/ Full Schedules, Radical Ethics & Mindful Health Goals.

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Local, Wild & Beyond Organic Ingredients

We support our local Bellingham, Skagit, and Whatcom farms first. We forage, grow and connect with wildcrafters for seasonal edible and medicinal plants. Then we carefully select organic and fair-trade products that support their local economies by paying fair wages to employees, farmers and use regenerative growing practices.

We strive to minimize plastic and compost our food waste. We are diligent in our practice of ethical stewardship of our land and the products that we source. We value ourselves and pay living wages to everyone on our team.











What People Are Saying

“Fresh, delish, and nutritious food.”

“Jessica is a pleasure to work with! As an event organizer, I appreciate Jessica’s collaborative and her solution oriented thinking and keenness to co-create win-win offerings.”

Danya, FemPower Acro

“Jess is a genius in the kitchen!”

“She has been the driving force behind our fantastic festival kitchen for years. Her passion for delicious and healing foods comes through in the aromas, taste and exquisite presentation of her meals. It’s inspiring and educational to chop, stir or menu plan alongside her!”

Andrea, Festival Producer

“My guests are continually impressed by each meal.”

“Jess is a highly skilled chef and kitchen coordinator. The last two years Jess has managed a kitchen team and fed 150+ people for 4 days. It’s a pleasure working with Jess and I’ve never had a problem. Jess goes the extra mile to take care of special diet requests and needs. Each summer I look forward to teaming up with her and would highly recommend her services.”

Jacob, Event Coordinator

Meet the Chef

Jess’s passion for food and community began sprouting in the desert over a decade ago. She left the Mojave to wander the Pacific Northwest (landed in Bellingham, Washington for now) and discovered a wild abundance of healing foods, medicine and deep rooted community. This inspired her educational pursuits into permaculture, plant medicine, ethical wildcrafting, compassionate cooking and an ever expanding desire to keep learning. She has been involved in every aspect of the food & beverage industry for the past 14 years.

Her call to action sprang from a desire to create a healthier kitchen environment for chefs and the people nourished by them. To remember and respect the delicate relationship between our mother earth and all the beings who call her home. To level up our standards of production; considering who, where and how each product that we consume gets to our table. Her current mantra is, “I am grateful.” Finding gratitude in each step, she envisions co-creating an alternative food system that supports us all. 




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