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About Hawthorn Kitchen


Hawthorn Kitchen is a local, organic, zero waste meal prep service that delivers to Bellingham residents. It’s like having your own personal chef! 


Delicious nourishment is delivered to your door each week with a focus on foods that promote healthy digestion, provide sustained energy and taste great. 


Edible ethics are the baseline. How do we consciously co-create a better world for the soil, plants, people and animals while also taking care of ourselves?



About the Chef

My passion for food and community began sprouting in the desert over a decade ago. I left the Mojave to wander the Pacific Northwest and landed in Bellingham Washington. I discovered a wild abundance of healing foods, medicine and deep rooted community. This inspired my educational pursuits into permaculture, plant medicine, ethical wildcrafting, compassionate cooking and an ever expanding desire to keep learning. 

My call to action sprang from a desire to create a healthier kitchen environment for chefs and the people nourished by them. To remember and respect the delicate relationship between our living earth and all the beings who call her home. To level up our standards of production; considering who, where and how each product that we consume gets to our table. My current mantra is, “I am grateful.” Finding gratitude in each step, I envision co-creating an alternative food system that supports us all. 


“My guests are continually impressed by each meal.”
Jacob, Event Coordinator

Our ethics for sustainable food is the baseline.

Creatively enticing the senses with smell, color, texture & taste is the medium.

Healthy digestive systems and balanced energy is the result.

An Acknowledgment to Black, Indigenous & People of Color

I recognize that this land we call Bellingham, Washington was first and still is inhabited by the Lummi, Nooksack, Samish and Semiahmoo peoples. With reverence & grief I acknowledge those who have been displaced, colonized, enslaved and murdered by early European settlers. I give 11% of my monthly profits for reparations to Black, Indigenous, People of Color run organizations. It is my commitment to develop connection and allyship with those who have been most impacted by colonization. I am in awe of the resiliency of the BIPOC communities here in Washington and am honored to do my work to reduce harm and end the colonization and oppression that is still very much a reality today.




It would be delightful to hear from you. Tell me what you are thinking & let's cook something up together.

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