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Weekly Meal Plan Subscriptions

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Hawthorn Kitchen Meal Prep is for Folks who have a Desire to Reconnect with their Food, Have Mindful Health Goals & Radical Edible Ethics.

  • Save yourself hours of time and stress by letting Hawthorn Kitchen do the research, meal planning, grocery shopping and meal prepping for you!
  • Food is one of the major foundations of healing, through your edible exploration with Hawthorn Kitchen you will find which food supports your sustained energy to continue on your healing path.
  • Feel empowered knowing that you are supporting local farmers with fair wages, sourcing animals raised with integrity and natural diets, consuming organic produce grown here in Washington and sourcing only fair trade commodities. 


About the Chef


My name is Lynx Hawthorn and I am the visionary and owner of Hawthorn Kitchen. My food journey has been at the foundation of my healing process. By connecting with food and exploring the ways in which it impacts all aspects of my life I have found the sustained energy, intuition and motivation to continue my work. Each body is different and is always changing. My hope is to help folks explore a conscious connection between what they put in their body and how it makes them feel. 



How It Works

  • Schedule a 30 minute consultation with the chef for custom meal plans. 
  • First delivery you will receive a nourishment journal that will help support tracking your food intake, sleep, water consumption, cycle, digestion, energy levels, etc. 
  • Your weekly meal plan will contain 3 delicious, nourishing meals. They typically contain a protein, a vegetable dish, a whole grain or extra vegetables and sauce or toppings. 
  • A detailed ingredient list and cooking tips sheet is included with every delivery. 
  • Your meals are planned on Tuesday, shopped for on Sunday, prepped on Monday and delivered Monday between 4 and 6pm. 
  • Your meals are delivered in paper bags filled with your set of reusable containers. Containers must be washed to keep in reusable condition. They are washed again at the commercial kitchen before reusing as per Whatcom Health Department requirements. 
  • Each container has a sticker correlating with the color and letter on your cooking tip sheet. These stickers are biodegradable and wash off in water easily. 
  • Return the washed containers on the next delivery.
  • Deliveries should be received and put in the fridge immediately, or a cold cooler left out to receive food.


Choose your weekly meal plan right here. Click on the image for more details.


The one time “sign-up” fee is a refundable deposit for your zero waste container kit.